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Introduction to The Monopoly System

This course teaches you to see Monopoly not just as a GAME but as the GAME PLAN to building Generational Wealth! You will learn 40 Powerful Lessons that we have linked to Life thus providing Steps for Success!

(Lessons Released Every Week)

Introduction to Engineering My Health Course

This course provides a Systematic approach to addressing any Health challenge. This approach has been used by many engineers and is known as the 8-steps of Problem solving. Once these steps are implemented, our goal is for you to have plans, strategies, and specialized knowledge to help you maintain a healthy life today, tomorrow, and in the future as you age well. The “Engineering My Health” course will show you how to maximize your health naturally!

(Lessons Released Every 3 Weeks)

Introduction to the Stock Market Course

The stock market moves in one of 3 directions; up, down or sideways; so why is that we are only taught to make money when it goes up? Learn 10 strategies in making money in the stock market, 3 when the market goes up, 3 when it goes down & 3 when it goes sideways. All the while, learning to find the best stocks at the best time at the best price!

Introduction to the Problem Solving System

This course provides A 5 Step System to solving any Financial Problem using 2 Kings 7: 1-11. We show you how, by addressing 20 of the most common problems. Solving Problems is one of the best ways to creating money.  Never Forget, ” when you solve your problems you create money and when you solve the problems of others you create wealth”.

(Lessons Released Every 2-3 Weeks)

Introduction to Principles (3Ps)

This course provides weekly biblical promises & principles, directing you to a practical application of the Word in your life.  Learn how to apply the Word of God to every area of your financial life and watch the blessings overtake you!

Lessons Released Every Week!!!

Introduction to Back 2 Basics (4Cs)

Back 2 Basics (4 C’s) – This is the foundation of wealth building. You will be on your way to overflow once you learn to Conform (to the Word), Control Spending, Cut waste & Create income.  Learn how to run your personal finances like a successful business does.  Once this system is implemented, increase is accelerated!

(Lessons are Released Every 3 Weeks)

Introduction to Real Estate Course

A step- by- step learning system to build a million dollar portfolio by simply buying 1 house a year “on sale” for 7 years.  You will learn the 4 keys to real estate investing:  finding it, figuring it, funding it and flipping it.  You’ll learn about foreclosures too.

(Lessons Released Every 30 Days)

Introduction to Cash Flow Course

This course is about The most powerful financial concept in the world!  You’ll learn how to create systems to get the maximum results from your present income. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about money from a biblical perspective is here.  Credit, taxes, creating money, emergency plans, debt elimination, problem-solving, investing and more.

(Lessons Released Every 3 Weeks)

Introduction to Making Money Without a Part-Time Job Course

This course involves Activating the “Law of Recognition” (2 Kings 4:2) to create money, based on what you already have.  Imagine being exposed to over 30 ways to create money based on what you presently have or can easily get. Without a part-time job but from your ideas.

(Lessons Released Every 2-3 Weeks)

These Conference Calls are held for Individuals. These conference calls enhance the information in the courses found in Cash Flow U and give members an opportunity to learn about new and current information as well as ask questions at the end of these calls. We have added these recorded Conference Calls to Call Flow U for members unable to listen to the Live Calls.

Conference Calls for Individuals are live Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the Month @ 9 pm (EST) 

Conference Call Number: 712 432 6301, PIN 395772# (Mondays & Saturdays)

Introduction to the College Funding System

The College Funding System will save most parents over $50k plus! How? This system will show MOST students how to find the right college(s) so that they can go with little to no debt regardless of SAT & GPA.

(Lessons Released Every 2 Weeks)

Life Management Course

Introduction to the Life Management Course

The #1 reason people live their entire lives beneath their potential is they “spend” their lives doing things that never grow or increase them. Instead, they should be “investing” their lives into things that produce continual lifelong benefits.You must understand that “Life management enhances money management”. Ready to take control of your life AND your future. Life Management is The Answer


(Lessons Released Every 3 Weeks)