Providing Bible-based financial solutions & systems for the Body of Christ (Churches, Individuals, and Entrepreneurs), positioning them to impact the lives of others

Introducing Cash Flow U + OnDemand:  An online university with live weekly webinars that provides financial strategies for Churches, Individuals and Entrepreneurs

Cash Flow U is a Word-based automated learning system designed to bring increase to the Body of Christ. It’s online, accessible 24/7.

Cash Flow U is the crown jewel system offered by The Church Coalition.

Cash Flow U will transform your mindset so that you learn how to practically apply the Word of God to every financial area of your life.

For $30/month our members/students have access to a full range of lessons about creating money, problem solving, cash flow, IRS compliance, church growth, starting and building a business, and wealth building. All lessons are accessible any time…anywhere.

New courses are added all the time, so our members/students never need to “graduate”!

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Courses Available through Cash Flow U

Most courses contain 12 lessons, 30 minutes of audio training, 2-7 page PDFs & True/False quizzes + OnDemand provides immediate access to relevant lessons in all areas

TCC Team Speaks to Your Team 

This course is designed for clergy, trustees, pastors, deacons, board members, clerical staff and finance teams.  During this course, we discuss new laws and trends that will affect the church and nonprofit organizations associated with the church.  We explore how technology can enhance your ministry and we discuss the proper handling of ministry finances and how to increase the cash flow.

Lessons released every 30 days

Introduction to The Money Interviewer

You’ve had job interviews before, but now you’re going to have a money interview.  40 questions that will unleash your mind to create money!

Lessons released every 30 days

Introduction to Cash Flow U MBA 

This course will teach you how to increase your cash flow so you can build a BUSINESS (run by people and/or systems) that can assist you in building wealth!

Lessons released every 2 weeks

Introduction to F.I.S.H.

The F.I.S.H. courses introduce churches to 4 new sources of Capital (Faith-Intellectual-Social-Human) that most churches don’t know exist.  Innovative streams of revenue will come from members’ talents & endowments. Non-members will bring business ideas that create ministry.

Lessons released every 30 days

Introduction to the Life Management Course

The #1 reason people live their entire lives beneath their potential is that they “spend” their lives doing things that never grow or increase them.  Instead, they should be “investing” their lives into things that produce continual lifelong benefits.  You must understand that “Life management enhances money management”.

Ready to take control of your life AND your future?  Life Management is THE ANSWER

Lessons released every 3 week

Introduction to Starting a Business Course

This is a step-by-step system that shows you how to start a business that the IRS & your State will recognize!  It provides unlimited Cash Flow potential for your new business.

This course is a roadmap to creating a business plan, to choosing the right business structure, to formulating a marketing & technology plan, to creating a cash flow plan and a strategic plan for your business

Lessons released every 2 weeks

Introduction to Back 2 Basics 4 Churches

Back 2 Basics 4 Churches educates churches on managing their finances the Kingdom way.  We start with financial principles that bring increase, then establish a spending system to get the maximum results from present resources (includes our Cash Flow software), followed by strategies to cut waste without cutting the quality of ministry, incorporate marketing ideas and end with strategies to create money based on what you already have!

Lessons released every 30 days

Introduction to Back 2 Basics (4 Cs)

This is the foundation of wealth building.  You will be on your way to overflow once you learn to Conform to the Word, Control spending, Cut waste and Create income.  Learn how to run your personal finances like a successful business.  Once this system is implemented, increase is accelerated!

Lessons released every 3 weeks

Introduction to Business Growth Course

This course focuses on how to grow your business, not just start one. Learn from an entrepreneur who is doing just that.  Starting a business is easy, but maintaining and growing the business is a bit more challenging.  This course shows you how to market, manage cash flow, build a team, obtain funding & create a simplified Business Plan that you can implement in operating your business.

Lessons released every 3 weeks

Introduction to Church Business Course

This is an innovative course teaching churches Bible-based “Business” concepts to enhance ministry. This course trains Church Financial leaders on how to move beyond a Sunday-to-Sunday experience.  Church Financial leaders will learn to create money based on what they have, how to eliminate money leaks by turning steps into systems, and how to analyze the numbers. This will alert them to areas of opportunity.

Lessons released every 3 weeks

Introduction to Real Estate Course

A step-by-step learning system to build a million-dollar portfolio by simply buying 1 house a year “on-sale” for 7 years.  You’ll learn the 4 keys to real estate investing:  Finding, Figuring, Funding, and Flipping.  You’ll also learn about foreclosures.

Lessons released every 30 days

Introduction to Marketing Your Business Course

This course will show you how to successfully market any business of any size.  You’ll learn how to keep current clients connected and plugged in, as well as how to obtain new clients using your marketing plan!

Lessons released every 3 weeks

Introduction to the Board Training Course

This course is about empowering Board Members with skills to assist their Pastor in growing the ministry.  An empowered Board causes growth to happen.  Lessons address real-life issues like bylaws, insurance, components of a strategic plan, requirements for Board meetings, tax-exempt status requirements & key church laws.

Lessons released every 30 days

Introduction to the Stock Market Course

The stock market moves in 1 of 3 directions…up, down, or sideways.  So why are we only taught to make money when it goes up?  Learn 9 money-making strategies in the stock market.  Three when the market goes up, three when it goes down, and three when it goes sideways.  At the same time, learning to find the best stocks at the best time at the best price!

Lessons released every 30 days

Introduction to Business By The Bible

Come learn how to start, build and grow your business as we share principles from the word on how others did it. Peter grew his fishing business after a word from Jesus & the widow started a business in a famine with a pot of oil. Now it’s your turn, and this course provides the blueprint!
Accessible in OnDemand
Introduction to Church Tax Law Course 

This is a comprehensive training to teach your financial team everything they need to know about IRS & State compliance requirements.  Topics will include reporting, compensation development, accounting, legal issues, and more.

Lessons released every 30 days

The Monopoly System 

The Monopoly System teaches you to see Monopoly as a GAME PLAN (not just a game) to building Generational Wealth!  You will learn 40 Powerful Lessons that are linked to Life, thus providing Steps for Success!

Lessons released every week

Introduction to Becoming a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Calling all Entrepreneurs wanting to grow your businesses & all up-and-coming Entrepreneurs who want to start businesses using Kingdom Principles!

Accessible in OnDemand

Introduction to Church Marketing Course 

Church Marketing has just as much to do with keeping members (connected & plugged in) as it does with obtaining new members!  In this course, we will show you how to market to them before service, during service, and after leaving service!

Lessons released every 30 days

Introduction to the Problem Solving System

A 5-step system for solving any financial problem using 2 Kings 7:1-11.  We show you how to do this by addressing 20 of the most common problems.  Solving problems is one of the best ways to create money.  Never forget…”when you solve your problems, you create money but when you solve the problems of others you create wealth”.

Lessons released every 2-3 weeks

Introduction to Church Growth Course

This course will teach you simple & practical steps for creating a Strategic Plan to increase membership, money & ministry outreach.  This course also provides a Strategic Plan for marketing, team building, creating a Cash Flow Ministry, Discipleship Systems & more.

Lessons released every 30 days

Introduction to Principles

This course provides weekly biblical promises & principles, directing you to a practical application of the Word in your life.  Learn to apply the Word of God to every area of your financial life and watch the blessings overtake you!

Lessons released every week

Engineering My Health

This course provides a systematic approach to addressing any health challenge.  This approach has been used by many engineers and is known as the “8 Steps of Problem Solving”.  Once these steps are implemented, the goal is for you to have plans, strategies, and specialized knowledge to help you maintain a healthy life today, tomorrow and in the future as you age well.  The “Engineering My Health” course will show you how to maximize your health naturally!!

Lessons released every 3 weeks

Introduction to Cash Flow Course

This course is a weekly podcast that focuses on cash flow, the rocket fuel to building wealth!

Lessons released every week

College Funding System
The College Funding System will save most parents over $50k plus! How? This system will show MOST students how to find the right college(s) so that they can go with little to no debt regardless of SAT & GPA.

Lessons released every 2 weeks

Creating Money Without a Part-Time Job

This course involves activating the “Law of Recognition” (2 Kings 4:2) to create money based on what you already have.  Imagine being exposed to over 30 ways to create money based on what you presently have or can easily access…no part-time job, just your ideas

Lessons released every 2-3 weeks