Cash Flow U is…

An online resource dedicated to helping churches, businesses and individuals achieve financial stability through Bible-based strategies.

Cash Flow U is continuously adding new courses and lessons, so you never have to graduate! Each course is designed to efficiently and effectively teach lessons on topics tailored to individuals, churches, and business owners.


Courses Available through Cash Flow U

Discipleship (Coming Soon)

Creating a culture where people are transformed from “members” to “Disciples”, thus activating Matthew 28:19-20 (Church Explosion)

Retire Young, Retire Rich (Coming Soon)

Learn strategies from Robert Kiyosaki’s book on practical steps for retiring young to have time for building wealth

Tax Strategies (Coming Soon) Learn year-round strategies to create cash flow! Whether you are a business owner, an individual, or a minister, we’ll provide a plan to increase your cash flow from taxes
Church Tax Law

Comprehensive training to teach your financial team about IRS & State compliance requirements

Stock Market Investing (New) Learn strategies for making money in the stock market; 3 strategies for when the market goes up, 3 strategies for when the market goes down, and 3 strategies for when the market goes sideways Marketing (Coming Soon)

This course takes a seemingly complex subject & simplifies it. Now you have the business or ministry, we’ll show you how to grow it

Church Growth

Learn simple & practical steps for creating a Strategic Plan to increase membership, money & ministry outreach

Problem Solving

A 5-step system to solving financial problems using 2 Kings 7:1-11. Solving problems is one of the best ways to create money

Starting a Business (New)

This course focuses on how to start a business that the IRS and your State recognizes!

Board Training

Empowering Board Members with skills to assist their Pastor in growing the ministry

Creating Money without a Part-Time Job

Activating the “Law of Recognition” (2 Kings 4:2) to create money, based on what you already have.

Business Growth

These lessons focus on how to grow your business, not just start one. Learn from an entrepreneur who is doing just that


Introducing churches to 4 new sources of Capital (Faith-Intellectual-Social-Human) that most churches don’t know exist

Cash Flow

The most powerful financial concept in the world! You’ll learn how to create systems to get the maximum results from your present income

Church Business

An innovative course teaching churches Bible-based “Business” Concepts to enhance ministry. This course trains Church Financial leaders on how to move beyond a Sunday-to-Sunday experience

Back 2 Basics (4 C’s)

This is the foundation of wealth-building. You will be on your way to overflow once you learn to Conform to the Word, Control Spending, Cut Waste, and Create Income. This creates financial disciples


This course provides weekly biblical promises & principles, directing you to practical application of the Word in your life

Real Estate

A step-by-step learning system to build a million dollar portfolio by simply buying 1 house a year “on sale” for 7 years

College Funding System
The College Funding System will save most parents over $50k plus! How? This system will show MOST students how to find the right college(s) so that they can go with little to no debt regardless of SAT & GPA.