Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we most often are asked about Cash Flow U. If you have a question not answered here, please contact us.

What's the difference between TCC's coaching programs and Cash Flow U?

Cash Flow U is the crown jewel or the major component of all the coaching programs. No matter which coaching program you select, “Cash Flow U”, our Word-Based Automated Learning System is included. The only difference is that Cash Flow U does not include the private 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

How does a church Board use one membership so that they all can take the quizzes?

Multiple members on the same Board can access one membership. They can access the same course at the same time. But, for quizzes, they have to click RESTART QUIZ after each person completes a quiz.

How many "new" lessons can I take at one time?

You can take as many courses as we have available. There are currently 20 different courses you can take…one lesson from each course. Lessons are also accessible for later review.

About how long is each lesson audio or video?

Most audios and videos are 30 minutes in length.

When I successfully complete a course what do I get?

You receive a certificate of completion.

What if I don't pass the quiz?

You are able to re-take the quiz.

If I forget my access code, what do I do?

Just click the link that says “Forget your password?”  Your password will be automatically sent to your email Inbox.

If I refer people, can I make money?

Yes, you earn $10 for each person or organization that enrolls.  We pay you this residually for as long as they pay their membership.

What other benefits do I get when I join Cash Flow U?

You receive: TCC’s Referral Partnership program, unlimited email access to our coaches, and private “Members Only” training calls.

Do you have tools to help me market Cash Flow U?

Yes, through our Referral Partnership program.  Additional tools to come.

What type of devices can I use to access the courses?

You can use your iPad, cell phone, laptop or desktop computer.

What do I need to do if my credit card is declined?

Call our office at 336-272-7373 with your updated credit card information.

Can people still join by using the Church Coalition's website?

Yes, you can enroll at The Church Coalition website on the CASH FLOW U page

Will you offer additional courses and will you have a team of teachers?

Our goal is to create a university environment with Cash Flow taught throughout the nation.  We are currently adding a new course every 1-2 months and working with instructors both inside and outside of our organization.

If I have any problems or questions, how do I contact TCC?

You can call our office at 336-272-7373 between the hours of 9:00 AM (ET) and 5:00 PM (ET), Monday thru Friday, or email us at

What type of future enhancements do you see coming?

More courses, live webinars for “Members Only”, access to innovative software, certifications and more.

How many lessons does each course contain?

Most courses consist of 12 lessons, which take about 10-12 months to complete.

Can people all over the nation and world enroll in Cash Flow U?

Because of the World Wide Web, you can enroll in Cash Flow U from anywhere in the world.

Why are the lessons released instead of allowing me to take them as fast as I want?

We have learned through our years of training that you need adequate time to study and put the lessons into practice before moving to the next lesson.  The times between lessons are based on our actual coaching times with people over the years.