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Introduction to Starting a Business Course

This course is a Step by Step System that shows you how to go about starting a Business that the IRS and your State recognizes! This course provides unlimited Cash Flow potential for your new business. The Starting a Business course is a roadmap that will help you learn how to create a Business Plan, how to choose the right Business Structure for your business, how to formulate a Marketing & Technology Plan, how to create a Cash Flow Plan and how to create a Strategic Plan for your Business.

(Lessons Released Every 2 Weeks)

Introduction to Business Growth Course

This course focuses on how to grow your business, not just start one.  Learn from an Entrepreneur who is doing just that.  Starting a business is easy.  This course, however shows you how to market, manage cash flow, build a team, obtain funding & create a simplified Business Plan that you can implement in operating your business.

(Lessons Released Every 3 Weeks)

Introduction to Starting a Business Course

This course will show you how to market any business of any size successfully. You will  learn how to keep current clients connected & plugged in, as well how to obtain new clients using your Marketing Plan!

(Lessons Released Every 3 Weeks)

Introduction to Cash Flow U MBA

This course will teach you how to increase your cash flow so that you can build a BUSINESS (run by people and/or systems) that can assist you in building wealth!

(Lessons are Available every 2 Weeks)