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Introduction to Starting a Business Course

This course is a step-by-step system that shows you how to start a business that the IRS and your State recognizes!  The Starting a Business course is a roadmap that will help you learn how to create a business plan, how to choose the right business structure for your business, how to formulate a marketing & technology plan, how to create a Cash Flow plan, and how to create a strategic plan for your business.

(Lessons Released Every 2 Weeks)

Introduction to Business Growth Course

This course focuses on how to grow your business, not just start one.  Learn from an Entrepreneur who is doing just that.  Starting a business is easy.  This course, however shows you how to market, manage cash flow, build a team, obtain funding & create a simplified Business Plan that you can implement in operating your business.

(Lessons Released Every 3 Weeks)

Business Marketing Course

This course will show you how to market any business of any size successfully. You will  learn how to keep current clients connected & plugged in, as well how to obtain new clients using your Marketing Plan!

(Lessons Released Every 3 Weeks)

Introduction to Cash Flow U MBA

This course will teach you how to increase your cash flow so that you can build a BUSINESS (run by people and/or systems) that can assist you in building wealth!

(Lessons are Available every 2 Weeks)

Business Ideas That Make You Money Course

Many people are seeking other ways to earn income outside of their job. In this course, we will talk about different businesses you can start and make money!

(Lessons Released Every 2 Weeks)