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Introduction Church Business Course

Church Business is an innovative course teaching Churches Bible-Based “Business” Concepts to enhance ministry. This course trains Church Financial Teams on how to move beyond Sunday to Sunday existence. Church Financial leaders will learn to create money based on what they have, how to eliminate money leaks by turning steps into systems and how to analyze the numbers thus alerting them to areas of opportunity.

(Lessons Released Every 3 Weeks)

Introduction to Church Marketing Course

Church Marketing has just as much to do with keeping current members (connected & plugged in) as it does with obtaining new members. In this course we will show you how to market before they come to service, while they are in service and after they leave service!

(Lessons Released Every 30 Days)

Introduction to the Board Training Course

This course is about Empowering Board Members with skills to assist their Pastor in growing the ministry. An empowered Board causes growth to happen.  Lessons address real-life issues like Bylaws, insurance, components of a strategic plan, requirements for Board meetings, tax-exempt status requirements & key church laws.

(Lessons Released Every 30 Days)

Introduction to Church Growth Course

In this course, you will learn simple & practical steps for creating a Strategic Plan to increase membership, money & ministry outreach. This course will provide a Strategic Plan for marketing, team building, creating a Cash Flow Ministry, Discipleship Systems & more.

(Lessons Released Every 30 Days)

Introduction to Church Tax Law Course

This course offers Comprehensive training to teach your financial team about IRS & State compliance requirements; everything your financial team needs to know will be addressed.  Topics include reporting, compensation development, accounting, legal issues & more.

(Lessons Released Every 30 Days)

These Conference Calls are held for Churches, Church administrators, as well as Church Leaders. These conference calls enhance the information in the courses found in Cash Flow U and give members an opportunity to learn about new and current information as well as ask questions at the end of these calls. We have added these recorded Conference Calls to Call Flow U for members unable to listen to the Live Calls.

Conference Calls for Churches & Church Leaders are live Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the Month @ 9 pm (EST) 

Conference Call Number: 7124326212, PIN 100843# (Mondays & Saturdays)

Introduction to F.I.S.H Course

The F.I.S.H. course introduces churches to 4 new sources of Capital (Faith – Intellectual – Social – Human) that most churches don’t know exist.  Innovative streams of income will come from members’ talents, endowments, and from non-members who believe in your vision & business ideas that create ministry.

(Lessons Released Every 30 Days)