Courses for Churches

Money can be a touchy subject within the church.  The goal is not cultivating extravagance or personal fortune, but to utilize money to spread God’s Word.  Cash Flow U is part of The Church Coalition’s goal to help churches do just that.

Our courses are designed to help pastors, board members, treasurers, and other key church leaders learn how to grow and manage church finances.  From empowering members financially and encouraging discipleship to creating new sources of income (F.I.S.H. course) and spending wisely, all of our courses are designed to help churches become more financially stable.

Our current courses for churches include:

  • TCC Team Speaks to Your Team
  • Back 2 Basics for Churches
  • Church Business
  • Church Growth
  • F.I.S.H. (New Sources of Capital)
  • Board Training
  • Church Tax Law (99 common violations)

We are always striving to add new, relevant courses to our catalog to better help church leaders guide their churches to prosperity and generosity.

With our online platform, these courses are available for your study in any order you please, at your own pace. Additionally, all of the courses developed for Entrepreneurs and Individuals are accessible to you, should their content be of interest.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.  Remember, with Cash Flow U, you never have to graduate!